Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Bust Ours To Smash Yours

Badminton, known to the world as the fastest racket sport. Known to me as a fun time to make fun of rival high schools. I myself have been playing since about ten years old. I enjoy the game that I look foward to practice after school and to have fun with the other players. My sophomore year was the first year I was on the Killian High School Team. The Motto that was all memorized was, "We Bust Ours To Smash Yours!!!" And it was true. We practiced every day for two and a half hours for 3 months straight. We had a great season that year. Coming in second place overall in the county match known as GMAC.

Then eventually my junior year came around and it was that time of the year. I was ready to play and beat whoever I would be playing. This year Coach Kelly decided to match us up wirth the top schools and still play out district schools. which in total ment 25 games will be played this year. We worked hard and won 24 our of 25 games. And Came in second place again in the GMAC tournament.

Now Senior Year. My position as Captain and as Boys doubles 1 has brought the team far this year. My own personal record with my partner is 16-2, the best we have ever had. My partner also Placed 2 for the GMAC District South match. We played Palmetto, Coral Reef, Varela, and Terra. Now we go onto the GMAC Finals on April 27,2010. We will have all four districts there fighting for the number one spot. Good Luck to all the teams going.

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