Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Ready for the Goodbye's

It is always hard to say goodbye to some one especially if they are in high standings in your life. Here at Killian High School I have a big family. The Marching Band which is 145 students, Badminton Team (22 students), the 7th period Performing Arts Academy (9 students). And with those students are many more from different clubs, grades, and classes. I will see some still after high school, but to see them all in the same environment is impossible.

As a leader in the school it is hard to say good bye to the followers. They do so much to help you. And you can not say thank you enough to them for their help. And thats the same thing they say to me. Being at school for 14 hours each day shows the comitment to the program and the dedication to get everything done, and to get it done right. I leave the great memories in my mind. But I leave the life long lessons and hard work with the students and the school. And one day I will be back. But not as a student, but as a Teacher. Holding the same position that I respected.

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